I can’t deny that I am a sucker for thought, thought process, and any critical dialogue destined to be had. If you’re a thinker, then i might fall in love with you. I tend to do that a lot. =) I embody words of poets who swing from grapevines and live in the trees, those who speak from the heart and draw pictures for me in crayola like the tops of ancient ruins that speak my ancestral histories. I am a writer, performer, lover, cuddler, best friend, thinker, feminist, chicana, polyamorite, artist, musician, scrabble player, teacher, student, aspiring film maker, vegetarian, tranny chaser, morena, hija de Irene Rodriguez Arauz and Malintzin, our goddess mother. I am a Rumi listener, Hafiz embodier, Saul lover, Audre admirer, Cherrie aspirer, Gloria and Elena inspired.

I have many tattoos. This is one of them:

In your light, I learn to love

In your light, how to write poems

You dance inside my chest where no one sees you

But sometimes i do and that light becomes this art.

– Rumi

I teach at Metropolitan State College of Denver in Women’s Studies and I am a Dating Violence Prevention Educator in high schools across Denver and surrounding communities.  I have an M.A. in Women’s Studies and a B.A. in English Literature and Chicano Studies.

Despite have amazing jobs that I love, my life tends to be in shambles most of the time. I can never find my keys, I currently have $200 that’s MIA, I write appts down in my organizer then I misplace it for months, i double and sometimes triple book, i forget birthdays, never return phone calls, loose my poetry, misplace the directions to everywhere and I am always late. I code switch (Eng/Span) so I often jumble thoughts and words. I process things on levels most people don’t understand, or program themselves to not understand, and my desire to want to please everyone in my life is my only setback. If you are just as disorganized and in shambles as I am, then maybe we should be roommates? If you are my polar opposite, then maybe we can be friends, or maybe we can fall in love, but that’s how i roll, so fuck it, love it, sex it, want it!


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